Our aim at Master your Short-Game is to help you answer those questions of how to play better golf? how can i improve quickly at golf? and ultimately equip you wth the tools to lower your handicap. 

We work with our players to help them learn where they might see the quickest improvement. This can be done through Video Consultation, On-Site Lessons and Driving Range Lessons. 

you should get in touch if you've ever asked yourself: 

  • How can I play better golf?
  • How can i lower my handicap? 
  • What is wrong with my Short-Game?
  • How can I improve my chipping? 
  • How can I improve quickly at golf? 

Our 3 Pillars

3 Pillars to ensure your Success with Short-Game improvement. 
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To ensure success you have to be able to Commit to it. 

We promise to endeavour to give you the best tips to transfering your short-game. All we ask in return is you commit to putting these into practice and developing your skills away from our instruction. You can do this at the Driving Range, Chipping Green, in your back garden or even in your sitting room! 

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Life is much easier when we have Goals. 

You may already have a Goal in-mind, or you might want to talk to us before setting any Goals to see where we can help. Either way, we find that working with people that have a set of goals really helps us keep focused as coaches and students. 

It's great to work with Short-Game Specialists that just want to improve on skills I already have. 

I had seen a couple of PGA Pros previously that wanted to teach me the textbook technique which actually damaged my Short-Game and Handicap. 

The guys gave me a Video Assesment to analyise what I was doing well and where I could improve and we took it from there!

Rachel Decker Reduced Handicap from 14 to 9

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Willingness to Learn

Golf is probably the only game in the world where so many different techniques can lead to success and we absolutely love that! 
As students, to set you up for success, you need to be really willing to learn. We'll never try and completely change how you play the game, but we'll help you refine the techniques that you already have and improve them where possible. 

Started off with a 30-minute video assesment and was amazed to see what a difference tweaking small things with my chipping would make to my handicap! 

Great guys to work with and really do want to see you improve. 

John O'Reilly Reduced Handicap from 12 to 6

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